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Marine Ecosystem Modelling - Strathclyde University

This is a really serious initiative to develop societally and policy relevant mathematical modelling capability in the marine field. Strathclyde are looking for exciting new staff at all levels from Lecturer to Professor. 

Key areas include:

Risk prediction in global health epidemiology, digital health & pharmaco-epidemiology
■Developing and using appropriate statistical methods is a major challenge when analysing large sets of linked health data. Our focus is on developing new technologies by harnessing this data to prevent disease and manage treatments

Modelling of marine ecosystems
■Stewardship of marine ecosystems whilst enabling sustainable exploitation of the goods and services they provide is a major scientific and policy challenge. Our focus is on development of mathematical models and statistical analyses to reveal how ecosystems respond to climate and human activity and assist policy makers.

Stochastic modelling
■Involves modelling, analysis and implementation of numerical methods that help us to understand and predict uncertainty in real world scenarios such as those found in the finance industry.

Strategic importance
■Improving public health is a growing global challenge and, in collaboration with one of our strategic partners (the International Prevention Research Institute), you will have the opportunity to contribute to this exciting field
■Maritime nations such as the UK gain enormous benefits from the sea in terms of energy, transport, food and recreation. Major changes in policy and societal aspirations are expected as the UK prepares to leave the EU. You will have a unique opportunity to provide world-leading innovation in this high profile and rapidly moving area.
■Our stochastic modelling research group has an extraordinary international reputation, particularly in China. In order to continue further growth, we are focusing efforts in areas such as epidemiology and ecology, as well as finance and engineering.

Chancellor's Fellows
Apply for an opportunity in mathematical modelling & statistical analysis of societal & policy issues.

World-leading Professors & Readers
Apply for an opportunity in mathematical modelling & statistical analysis of societal & policy issues.