ETP Board

The ETP Board provides senior energy research leadership from each of ETP's member HEIs.

The Board remit includes;
  • Development of the ETP basic, strategic and applied research agenda
  • Building & consolidating ETP research partnerships and co-operative working
  • Building ETP energy research reputation, capacity and capabilities
  • Outreach and co-operation with other Research Pools
  • Positioning the ETP alongside all relevant funding opportunities and identification of common R&D opportunities 
  • Supporting the coordination of ETP engagement with external organisations

ETP Board Members

  • Prof Sir Jim McDonald - Chair
  • Prof Paul Mitchell - Deputy Chair
  • Prof Gioia Falcone - University of Glasgow
  • Prof Markus Mueller - University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Ben Wilson - University of the Highlands & Islands
  • Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer - Heriot-Watt University
  • Prof John Currie - Edinburgh Napier University
  • Prof Iain Steel - Robert Gordon University
  • Prof Tom Brown - St Andrews University
  • Prof Igor Guz - University of Aberdeen
  • Prof Scott McMeekin - Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Prof John Rowan - University of Dundee
  • Colin Kirkpatrick - The Glasgow School of Art
  • Dr Nicolas Kelly - University of Strathclyde
  • Professor Milan Radosavljevic - University of the West of Scotland
  • Stephen-Mark Williams - ETP Executive Director