ETP Theme Groups

Theme Groups

ETP has 11 core theme focus areas; energy systems; heat energy; wind energy; marine energy; solar energy; bio-energy; grid & power networks; energy conversion & storage; energy utilisation in buildings; oil & gas and carbon capture & storage. Each theme has it's own group to build upon and formalise the process of collaboration between ETP members.

Group remit is to;
  • Support the Theme Coordinator  in the development of the technology theme
  • Highlight new collaboration and funding opportunities to the rest of the group, both at meetings and on an ongoing basis

ETP Theme Coordinators

ETP Theme Coordinators

Are leading academics in their theme area and they;

  • Provide coordination to further develop and maximise the impact of the technology theme area
  • Identify appropriate theme group members from across ETP universities and chair regular (~6 monthly) meetings
  • Promote knowledge exchange and collaboration across the theme group
  • Highlight potential funding opportunities to the theme group where collaboration might be beneficial
Theme Coordinators
  • Wind Energy - Professor Bill Leithead, University of Strathclyde
  • Marine Energy - Professor David Ingram, University of Edinburgh
  • Bioenergy - Dr Ian Watson, University of Glasgow
  • Solar PV - Dr Neil Robertson, University of Edinburgh
  • Energy Utilisation in Buildings - Dr Edward Owens, Heriot-Watt University
  • Oil & Gas - Dr Richard Nellson, University of Aberdeen
  • Carbon Capture and Storage - Professor Matthieu Lucquiaud, University of Edinburgh
  • Power Networks & System Technologies - Professor Graeme Burt, University of Strathclyde
  • Energy Conversion and Storage - Dr Serena Corr, University of Glasgow
  • Energy Systems - Professor Joe Clarke, University of Strathclyde
  • Heat Energy - Dr Zhibin Yu, University of Glasgow
  • Economics,Society & Policy - Professor Karen Turner, Uinversity of Strathclyde



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