Energy Themes

The Energy Technology Partnership has considerable energy RD&D capability and key research strengths across a wide spectrum of energy technologies.

Examples of these strengths are listed below:

  •     Bio-Energy
  •     Energy Systems
  •     Energy Conversion and Storage
  •     Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  •     Heat Energy
  •     Marine Energy
  •     Energy Distribution & Infrastructure
  •     Wind Energy
  •     Solar PV
  •     Oil and Gas
  •     Carbon Capture and Storage
  •     Economics, Policy, People, & Society

Please contact us if you would like more information on these or any other thematic areas and to discuss the potential benefits that working with the ETP might bring to your own organisation.

Our Energy Expertise

  • Wind Energy
  • Grid, Power Systems & Networks
  • Solar Energy
  • Bio-Energy


  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Energy Conversion & Storage
  • Energy Utilisation in Buildings
  • Oil & Gas

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