Measurement and classification of atmospheric stability states for wind energy modelling

  • Supervisors: Professor Gareth Harrison, Dr Lucy Cradden and Dr Sasa Djokic (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Wolf Früh (Heriot Watt University)
  • Sponsoring Company: SSE
  • PhD Student: Michael Blair

Energy yield assessment is the single most important factor in building a business case for a wind farm development. Accurate short-term forecasting is of increasing importance to developers and National Grid requiring accurate nomination of wind farm power output over a range of forecast horizons in varying wind conditions. However, wind energy resource assessment and forecasting are still developing fields: work is ongoing in many areas to refine energy predictions/forecasts and to include effects which were previously neglected. One such effect, which could prove key in the effort to improve energy estimates and short-term forecasts, is atmospheric stability. This is an area which ties together the generally well understood components of wind energy resource assessment with larger-scale meteorological effects, which have not traditionally been incorporated into industry-standard approaches. The ETP studentship will make use of SSE’s extensive measurement campaign together with state-of-the-art atmospheric and CFD modelling to evaluate the gains that may arise from incorporating atmospheric stability within energy yield and forecasting approaches.