On-Shore Wind Turbine Foundations: An Assessment of Freeze/Thaw Behaviour and the Development of Industry Guidance for New Construction

  • Supervisors: Dr Moray Newlands (University of Dundee), Professor Donald McPhee (University of Aberdeen)
  • Sponsoring Company: Mineral Projects Association
  • PhD Student: Christopher Hynard


The main aim of the project is to investigate the freeze/thaw performance of modern low energy cement concretes by examining the fundamental science of entrained bubble formation, and develop improved technical specifications and sustainability guidelines for the energy industry to maintain confidence in the Scottish concrete construction supply chain. 

The project will investigate the underpinning chemistry of bubble formation in low energy cement concretes and through an understanding of the supply chain material characteristics, determine hydration characteristics of modern cements and their influence on formation of well dispersed entrained bubble networks in cementitious systems.  Spatial metrics will be examined using 2D image analysis and 3D micro CT methods.

An understanding of how these materials work will allow modification of specifications and sustainability assessment to improve confidence in the Scottish supply chain, as well as provide guidance for the energy industry involved in the construction of wind turbine foundations.