High Voltage DC-DC Power Converterson monitoring for high voltage insulators.

  • Supervisors: Dr. D Ewen Macpherson, Dr. Markus Mueller University of Edinburgh, Dr. Dragan Jovcic, University of Aberdeen
  • Sponsoring Company: GE Energy & Power Conversion
  • PhD Student: Yao Zhou
  • This student has graduated and the project is complete.

It is known that offshore wind farms have great potential for future expansion. Most existing offshore wind farms are in shallow-water; and wind farms far from the shore line have been uncommon. However, due to environmental concerns, increased energy yield and other aspects, far offshore wind farms are seen as the most attractive solution for the rapid increase of renewable energy. For wind farms more than 60km offshore, DC transmission cables are more viable than AC links. One of the key components required for the development of multi-terminal HVDC network is high gain, high power DC/DC converters.

The aim of this project is to develop the suitable high power DC/DC converter topology for wind power application. At early stage of the project, the different DC/DC converter topologies are evaluated from the aspects of efficiency, reliability and cost. Based on the assessment results, the proper DC/DC converter topologies will be selected and detailed modeled for more test. Eventually, the KW level DC/DC converter prototypes will be built for further test.