Offshore Wind farm Maintenance and Sparesholding Optimisation

  • Supervisors: Dr Jesse A Andrawus, Prof John A steel, (Robert Gordon University), Dr Ivana Kockar (University of Strathclyde) and Mat Meredith (Stork Technical Services)
  • Sponsoring Company:  Stork Technical Services
  • PhD Student: Yashwant Sinha 
  • This student has graduated and the project is complete.

Remote operation, maintenance and management of offshore wind farms are critical to the wind energy industry. The remote offshore location, hostile weather condition, very high access costs, etc have significant impact on the return on investment in offshore wind farms.

This project offers the ability to assess the technical and commercial impact of maintenance of offshore wind farms. Provided suitable access technology, regulatory and stakeholders’ requirements, safety and environmental impacts, failure characteristics, reliability of components, cost significant equipment etc are appropriately evaluated, it is possible to determine and optimise maintenance and sparesholding for offshore wind farms.

The major progress to be made in this project is the development of Optimised offshore Wind farm Maintenance and Sparesholding (OPT-WIMS) tool which given specific offshore wind farm information, will automatically generate optimal maintenance program and critical sparesholding inventory for the wind farm. These will minimise direct costs of maintenance, maximise availability and reliability of offshore wind farms and associated grid connection facilities to ensure lowest whole life-cycle cost.