The investigation and development of pollution monitoring for high voltage insulators.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Scott G McMeekin (Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Sponsoring Company: Doble 
  • PhD Student: Yan Jiang

The project will investigate methods to detect and monitor the build up of pollution on high voltage (HV) insulators with the objective of developing technologies to provide improved condition monitoring and to prevent the failure of the HV insulators. HV insulators are employed extensively in overhead transmission lines and substations and flashover, due to the build up of contamination, is one of the most common causes of power outages.

The student will be responsible for the simulation and experimental verification of the effect of contamination on the HV insulators and for the design and assessment of a non-invasive automated method for assessing the condition of the insulators.  The project will involve collaboration between Glasgow Caledonian University, The University of Strathclyde and Doble.

"Doble has worked with Glasgow Caledonian University for a few years looking at the use of UHF emissions for detection of partial discharges in substation equipment. We now wish to extend our knowledge about emissions at the lower end of this part of the spectrum. Here effects from discharges on the surface of insulators dominate, but we know little about the influence from pollution and its interaction with humidity. This understanding may lead to a means to assess the flashover risks with varying pollution severity, an important operational problem for power and rail utilities."  Dr Alan Wilson, Global Strategy Director, Doble Engineering