Optimisation and Integration of membrane processes in coal-fired power plants with carbon capture and storage

  • Supervisor: Professor Stefano Brandani, (University of Edinburgh), Dr Maria-Chiara Ferrari, (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sponsoring Company: Scottish Power
  • PhD Student: Davide Bocciardo
  • This student has graduated and the project is complete.

Membrane separation processes have been reported to be a next-generation carbon capture option. This technology has successfully been applied to various industrial processes, such as methane purification and air separation. Due to its peculiarities, such as modularity and absence of regenerating apparatus, membrane separation processes represent an attractive alternative to amine absorption processes. In particular, the possibility to reduce the energy consumption and small foot-print are key features for the integration with a power plant.

The aim of this project is to study the application of membrane separation processes to carbon capture, particularly post-combustion capture from the flue gas of a coal fired power plant. The study will compare membrane processes other post-combustion capture technologies, i.e. absorption. It is expected that optimised membrane configurations will be able to achieve similar separation efficiencies and recoveries with lower energy consumption.

The development of the PhD will be focused on two key points: an analysis of the main industrial configurations and of the materials constituting the membrane, including mixed matrix membranes.