Testing of geophysical monitoring techniques using numerical leakage simulations

  • Supervisors: Prof. Anton Ziolkowski, (University of Edinburgh), Dr. Gillian Pickup, (Heriot-Watt University), Dr. Mark Naylor, (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sponsor Company: E.ON
  • PhD Student: Rami Eid
  • This student has graduated and the project is complete.

The project objective is to study the potential for geophysical methods to monitor carbon dioxide sequestration and leakage from underground storage sites.  The principal steps in the proposed research programme are

  1. model the migration and leakage of injected carbon dioxide;
  2. relate the modelled changes in CO2 content in reservoir and overburden to changes in measurable geophysical properties;
  3. model geophysical time-lapse surveys for measurement changes in geophysical properties;
  4. determine the detectability of the time-lapse signals in the presence of noise;
  5. assess the risk and the implications of leakage for a storage site operator.  We plan to apply this methodology to an existing storage site.