IOWES: Integrated models for stability of offshore wind energy system

  • Supervisors: Dr Yakun Guo, Aberdeen University, Prof Dongsheng Jeng, Dundee University
  • Sponsoring Company: JP Kenny – Wood Group 
  • PhD Student: Zaibin Lin

The project is to develop an integrated model for the whole offshore wind energy system (OWES). This will integrate aerodynamic model, hydrodynamic loading, geotechnical model (liquefaction) and structural model (vibrations of mono-pile). The new model will provide offshore wind energy engineers a better understanding of the whole OWES, particularly in civil engineering design. Given that the duration of the project, we will focus on integrating the geotechnical and structural models using the hydrodynamic loading provided by JPK.

The specific and challenging tasks are:

  • Integration of geotechnical and hydrodynamic models:  this will be carried out by linking both the geotechnical (PORO-WSSI II) and hydrodynamic (COBRAS) models using the continuity of boundary condition along the seabed surface. The stability of foundation will be estimated;
  • Integrating model for rocking of OWES structure; and (3) Validation of the proposed integrated model: the model will be validated using (i) the experimental data obtained from the Danish research project, which DSJ has been involved; and (ii) Field data from existing Scottish offshore wind farms, which provides full scale data. JPK will seek for the support from other industry partners for the possible existing data available.