Optimising energy use for conservation of historical gallery buildings, energy saving and quality indoor environment

  • Supervisor: Dr Fan Wang (Heriot Watt University)
  • Sponsor: National Galleries of Scotland
  • PhD Student: Shashwat Ganguly

This project aims at developing a set of methods for optimised energy use through management and guidelines for renovation of galleries housed in historical buildings to achieve a quality indoor environment satisfying various needs in galleries and high energy efficiency in system operation. This sustainable practice is then aimed at publicising and adoption within the organisation and by other similar institutions such as museums and libraries. The gallery space studied in this project belongs to the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) and Scottish National Portrait Gallery (SNPG).

Focus will be given to the challenge of reducing the excessive energy consumption due to the nature of the required tight control of the gallery environment as well as historical buildings that stores and displays artefacts. There is also no adequate benchmark for comparison for the similar type of buildings, usage and weather conditions and hence, a benchmark will be achieved. Furthermore, a new weather feature variable similar to “degree-day”, which is associated for sensible heat, will be obtained which will quantify the latent heat requirements for the relative humidity control in galleries and libraries.

Finally, a program will be developed which will display the real-time, baseline and ideal energy used together with weather, indoor, historical and predicted data for better management. A new technical guidance will also be developed for energy management in other historical galleries buildings.