Back-casting the Scottish Energy Strategy Workshop

Tuesday 22nd May 2018, Glasgow

On Tuesday 22nd May in Glasgow ETP will be holding a joint workshop of the Energy Utilisation in Buildings and Heat Energy themes, to discuss the Scottish Energy Strategy and its implications for these themes.

The Scottish Government’s ‘Scottish Energy Strategy: The Future of Energy in Scotland’ document sets out the targets that must be achieved if Scotland is going to be a world leader in the decarbonisation of its energy system and society. But, for 50% of our whole energy system to come from renewable sources by 2030, what are the key milestones we must reach along the way? How will the fabric of buildings need to change to achieve this? And how can we ensure that people are warm and comfortable during the transition to low carbon heat without a corresponding increase in energy costs?

This event will examine the targets which have been set out by The Scottish Energy Strategy and,  through a series of short group workshops, work backwards to identify key decision points and activities (such as the specific upgrade of building energy efficiencies) that need to be achieved to meet the longer term aims. By  looking outwith modern day constraints, we can utilise both current infrastructure capabilities and wider knowledge.

The back-casting event is useful for any company or organisation that wants to understand the implications for energy use in buildings emerging from The Scottish Energy Strategy, while also informing other parties and The Scottish Government of the practical realities that your organisation/company may face.

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