Many of our news and events postings have come directly from external organisers. This is the best way to keep our audience up-to-date with the breadth of activities that are ongoing, relating to ETP. More detailed information can often be found by following the links provided; this will take you directly to the organiser’s websites for full details.

Upcoming Events

RSE Energy Inquiry Event

Date: 19th July 2018

Location: Aberdeen

This is Scotland's Energy Future: Energy Gathering Session. It aims to contribute to the important debate around Scotland’s energy supply, demand and use.

The upcoming evidence gathering session will:
• Explain the background to the Inquiry, why it is taking place, and what it hopes to achieve;
• Look to gather the views and experiences of communities on energy issues affecting them on both a local and national level;
• Provide the opportunity for attendees to share their thoughts on the 15 questions posed by the Inquiry in its consultation;
• Ultimately help inform the final report published by the RSE on Scotland’s Energy Future.


Scotland's SME Businesses - 4th Annual Conference

Date: Wednesday 29th August 2018

Location: Edinburgh

This conference focuses on the importance of Scotland's small and medium sized businesses to our future economic competitiveness. It discusses how practical support can be delivered and the obstacles which need to be overcome to support growth. Topics to be explored include:

  • The importance and evolution of the European small and middle market - who are these companies and how have they grown?
  • Why does Scotland have so few SMEs and what can be done about this?
  • Learning from success - case studies of Scotland's successful SMEs
  • How can we develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem built for success
  • The challenges and opportunities for emerging small and medium businesses in a post-Brexit world


SR Socio-Economic Benefits in Planning Applications CPD Seminar

Date: 30th August 2018

Location: Glasgow

This event is designed to provide guidance for industry on presenting socio-economic benefits of proposed developments in planning applications.
Learn from experts in the field about how to effectively present the lasting value your projects can create for communities. Consulting and legal professionals will provide examples of socio-economic benefits strengthening planning applications and helping to achieve the right consenting outcome for your business.


Scottish Renewables Solar Conference 2018

Date: 4th September 2018

Location: Edinburgh

Come along to hear about the role of solar in Scotland’s future energy system and the changes required to secure the future of the sector.
The conference will address key questions such as:
1) Is subsidy-free solar a reality?
2) How do we secure a viable route to market?
3) How can we ensure solar competes on a level playing field?
4) Can the planning system be improved to better support solar projects?
5) Do changes to building standards create the right opportunities for rooftop solar?
6) What local energy opportunities does solar offer communities?


New steps for low-emission vehicles

Date: 9th October (AM)

Location: London

At this workshop, there will be discussion of the opportunities of vehicle-to-grid projects and future-proofing energy infrastructure. The morning's agenda includes speaking contributions from Rhian Kelly, Head, UK & EU Public Affairs, National Grid; Natasha Robinson, Head, Office of Low Emission Vehicles, Department for Transport and Tom Pakenham, Director, Electric Vehicles, Ovo Energy.


Scottish Engineering Conference 2018

Date: Thursday 25th October 2018

Location: Edinburgh

The role of Scotland's engineering and manufacturing companies in delivering employment, growth and raised productivity across the country is critically important. This conference discusses what Scotland's engineering and manufacturing sector needs to be successful. Its programme examines core themes determining the opportunity for the manufacturing engineering sector to thrive and grow in an uncertain national and international marketplace.


Priorities for Energy Policy

Date: 4th December 2018

Location: Cardiff

While this event is focused on Wales, it will be interesting to see what ideas can be transferred and may prove useful to the Scottish context. Delegates will discuss what might be needed to increase the proportion of energy generated from renewables, in light of the Welsh Government target of sourcing 70% of Wales’ energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030.

This seminar will bring together policymakers with key stakeholders to discuss priorities for energy policy in Wales - including progress on the Welsh Government’s key long term targets on community ownership and increasing the level of renewables in the energy mix.


Smarter Green Urban Places for Scotland

Date: 22nd January 2019

Location: Edinburgh

This conference examines the core project opportunities to modernise and improve the infrastructure of all Scotland's communities to create smarter, greener places - delivering real gains in resilient, green, digitally enabled places ready to compete, thrive and deliver inclusive growth.