Many of our news and events postings have come directly from external organisers. This is the best way to keep our audience up-to-date with the breadth of activities that are ongoing, relating to ETP. More detailed information can often be found by following the links provided; this will take you directly to the organiser’s websites for full details.

Upcoming Events

SUPA Annual Gathering 2019

Date: 29th May 2019
Location: Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

The Gathering has built a reputation over the past 4 years as a showcase and celebration of world class physics research in Scotland. All SUPA PhD students and PDRAs are especially invited to attend.  As well as talks highlighting some of the latest advances in physics research across all of the SUPA Themes, the programme will offer a focus on career opportunities for early career researchers.

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Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2019

Date: 30th May 2019
Location: Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow

The Young Professionals Green Energy Awards, brings the industry together to celebrate and regocnise the next generation of leaders, those who will be driving Scotland's future energy evolution.

ETP is sponsoring the Academic Award.

For more info and to register on the website


3rd Energy Innovation Emporium

Date: Thursday 6th June 2019
Location: Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

Prospering from the Energy Revolution: how can all benefit from the transition to a low-carbon future

On the 6th June, the Scottish Research Pools, will host the 3rd Energy Innovation Emporium.

The transition to a low carbon economy presents multi-disciplinary challenges which need collaboration across all sectors to resolve. It is crucial to ensure that society, as a whole, has access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. What are these challenges, and how do we organise ourselves to tackle them?

The Energy Innovation Emporium brings together the energy community to crystallise the benefits of a low-carbon future. By exploring the energy transition challenges, academia, industry and the public sector will identify avenues of innovation and cooperation that will define research and investment needs, and economic opportunities.


Energy Storage & Innovation: Delivering a Clean Transition in Scotland

Date: Friday 7th June 2019
Location: University of St Andrews

This annual one-day joint Energy Storage event will be hosted at the University of St Andrews on 7th June 2019 by ETP and SHFCA.  This year the meeting will be supported by Scotland’s Centre for Innovation and Energy Storage (CIES) .

The recent Scottish Government Energy Strategy ‘The Future of Energy in Scotland’ has identified the importance of using a whole energy system approach to support delivery of ambitious targets for energy efficiency, increased renewable energy uptake, and carbon reduction.

The programme presents progress being made both by academia and industry to support these key policy ambitions, with topics ranging from hydrogen storage at large scale to innovative conversions using hydrogen as decarbonised energy and as a feedstock.



Business Impacts of Network Charging Reform

Date: 10 June 2019, 1200 - 1630
Location: Glasgow

About the Event
Increased distributed generation, fewer large centralised power stations and a future encompassing electrification of transport and heat means the electricity system must adapt.

Ofgem, the regulator, has proposed a series of radical changes to how network users pay for the maintenance, use and build-out of our electricity networks.

But what will these changes mean for the renewable energy industry in Scotland, today and in the future?

Network charging is a complicated business, so come along to this event to cut through the complexity and understand how these changes will affect your business.


3rd Annual Dundee Energy Forum

Date: 10th - 11th June 2019
Location: University of Dundee

What is the Future of International Energy Cooperation in the light of New Concepts of Sovereignty?

International energy is at the crossroads of several challenges or transitions: demands for cleaner air, cleaner transport, new technologies and a need for large-scale investment to make change happen. They suggest that international cooperation among states, investors and communities is essential. Yet national control has always been dominant in the energy sector.

The Forum brings together senior representatives from the international organisations that provide strategic governance, of the corporate sector, and the international academy who will be discussing these questions in thematic panels over two days. 


Waste to Wealth: Opportunities in the Circular Economy

Date: 14th June 2019
Location: University of St Andrews

Jointly hosted by the Centre for Innovation & Energy Storage (CIES), Zero Waste Scotland, ScotCHEM, IBioIC and ETP. This workshop will explore how materials science can be used to rescue a variety of waste materials which can then either be reused in a different format or used to produce something even more valuable.

The Centre for Innovation in Energy Storage (CIES) will bring together academia and industry to address one of the world’s most important technology challenges; the efficient storage of renewable energy.  The aim of CIES is to establish transformational collaboration between universities and businesses. CIES presents a unique opportunity that will address both Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy and priorities and the UK’s Industrial Strategy.



Innovative Future Technologies: Overcoming the challenges and meeting the targets

Date: Tuesday 18th June 2019
Location: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

The Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) in conjunction with ABB are hosting a joint event on Tuesday 18th June 2019.
This event will examine the pathways towards delivering future energy systems in support of the route towards energy decarbonisation in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Speakers from across industry and academia will examine what the future may look like and which technologies can be used and offer potential solutions towards delivery of Scottish & UK government targets. The event will use the context of community energy partnerships and the technology used within these communities for energy efficiency, generation and storage technologies and solutions.

For more info and to register visit the website



Scottish Space Symposium

Date: 24th June 2019
Location: Glasgow

The Scottish Space Symposium is an opportunity for industry and those innovating, to engage with the space and data sector to formulate and discover opportunities for cross-collaborative work.

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17th International Probabilistic Workshop (IPW2019)

Date: 11th - 13th September 2019
Location: Edinburgh

The workshop has been previously held in Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, and we are honoured to follow the 16th IPW, that was held in Vienna.

The theme of the Workshop is on probabilistic and statistic techniques in engineering. Academic institutions, research organizations and industries are invited to contribute to the Workshop and to join in the discussions on needs and developments in the field.

The call for abstract is now open. Please submit your abstract by February 15th 2019.