Many of our news and events postings have come directly from external organisers. This is the best way to keep our audience up-to-date with the breadth of activities that are ongoing, relating to ETP. More detailed information can often be found by following the links provided; this will take you directly to the organiser’s websites for full details.

Upcoming Events

Priorities for Energy Policy

Date: 4th December 2018

Location: Cardiff

While this event is focused on Wales, it will be interesting to see what ideas can be transferred and may prove useful to the Scottish context. Delegates will discuss what might be needed to increase the proportion of energy generated from renewables, in light of the Welsh Government target of sourcing 70% of Wales’ energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030.

This seminar will bring together policymakers with key stakeholders to discuss priorities for energy policy in Wales - including progress on the Welsh Government’s key long term targets on community ownership and increasing the level of renewables in the energy mix.


Advanced Materials Research Laboratory Showcase

Date: 5th December 2018
Location: Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

The Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) is delighted to invite you to a cross-faculty workshop showcasing the materials testing and development carried out at their leading facility on Wednesday 5th December at 12pm in the TIC building.

The AMRL provides a hub for multidisciplinary research projects ranging from nano-scale through to full-scale component testing and supports new research partnerships in a range of applications such as metallics, ceramics, polymers and composites, nano and micro electromechanical systems (NEMS & MEMS), sensor technology, photonics and printed electronics.

The workshop aims to provide an understanding of the vast array of material characterisation, testing and analysis techniques that can be applied across industry sectors, and enable researchers and academics to identify opportunities for applying these in their research and knowledge exchange.


Supergen UKCMER Annual Assembly

Date: 5th December 2018
Location: Edinburgh International Conference Centre

The Supergen UK Centre for Marine Energy Research (UKCMER) is nearing the completion of its current format.  You are invited to participate in its 2018 Annual Assembly on Wednesday 5th December.  The Assembly is just one of the marine and renewable energy events in Edinburgh that week, which includes the Annual Conference of Wave Energy Scotland (WES) and the Scottish Green Energy Awards, both being held the following day at the same venue.


WES Annual Conference 2018

Date: 6th December 2018
Location : EICC, Edinburgh

Wave Energy Scotland's 3rd Annual Conference.

The WES Annual Conference is a major networking event to help wave energy technology companies share their ideas. The main aim of the conference is to grow collaboration between companies and consortia across the four topics of Power Take Off, Novel Wave Energy Converters, Structural Materials and Manufacturing Processes and Control Systems. This year we expect to hear presentations from companies who are at stage 2 and stage 3 of their projects.


Smarter Green Urban Places for Scotland

Date: 22nd January 2019

Location: Edinburgh

This conference examines the core project opportunities to modernise and improve the infrastructure of all Scotland's communities to create smarter, greener places - delivering real gains in resilient, green, digitally enabled places ready to compete, thrive and deliver inclusive growth. 


Carnegie Research Workshops

Dates: Various (see below)
Location: Andrew Carnegie House, Dunfermline

The Carnegie Trust is piloting a new Carnegie Research Workshop scheme during academic 2018-19. The trust expects to fund up to three workshops during this initial phase.

Aims and Scope
This scheme aims to support the advancement of new research ideas and the exchange of skills and expertise by funding the organisation and delivery of research workshop programmes addressing issues at the forefront of current scientific, technological, environmental, intellectual, cultural or societal developments. Proposed workshops should focus on a topic of key relevance both to Scotland and globally with the aim of enabling the Scottish academic community to develop and strengthen its international leadership position.


Scottish Renewables Annual Conference 2019

Date: 12th - 13th March 2019
Location: Edinburgh

Scotland’s renewable energy sector is facing a conundrum.

On one hand, increasingly ambitious climate change targets, a desire from government in both Edinburgh and London to decarbonise more quickly than ever before, and new innovations in technology and business models to suit our fast-changing energy landscape.

On the other, political upheaval, policy uncertainty, disrupted revenue streams, skills shortages and perennial challenges around grid, finance and planning.

Scottish Renewables’ Annual Conference brings together the people who matter in this sector to debate its future. Over two days in Edinburgh we discuss pathways on which business can succeed while delivering on the political and public ambitions which have helped create our industry.


UKERC Local Energy Systems Conference

Date: 24-25 April 2019
Location: Oxford


The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) will be hosting a conference on “Local energy systems in national and international contexts” in Oxford on April 24 and 25 next year. Extended abstracts are invited by November 11th 2018. (Full papers are not required at any stage).

As with all UKERC things, this is intended to be a good, inter-disciplinary event and I’m sure will foster some interesting discussion. If you think you’ve got something interesting to say about local or community energy systems either in the UK or beyond, please do submit an abstract.



17th International Probabilistic Workshop (IPW2019)

Date: 11th - 13th September 2019
Location: Edinburgh

The workshop has been previously held in Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, and we are honoured to follow the 16th IPW, that was held in Vienna.

The theme of the Workshop is on probabilistic and statistic techniques in engineering. Academic institutions, research organizations and industries are invited to contribute to the Workshop and to join in the discussions on needs and developments in the field.

The call for abstract is now open. Please submit your abstract by February 15th 2019.