Many of our news and events postings have come directly from external organisers. This is the best way to keep our audience up-to-date with the breadth of activities that are ongoing, relating to ETP. More detailed information can often be found by following the links provided; this will take you directly to the organiser’s websites for full details.

Upcoming Events

Next steps for a smart and flexible electricity network in the UK

Date: 12th December 2017

Location: London

This seminar will discuss policy priorities, and regulatory challenges, for establishing a smart electricity network in the UK.
It will bring together stakeholders with key policymakers to examine the Government’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, including its proposals to reduce barriers to increasing energy storage capacity, and to put homes and businesses in greater control of energy usage - with the aim of reducing overall costs. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the Government’s recent announcement - in the Clean Growth Strategy - to invest £265 million into smart systems between 2015 and 2021.


Hybrid and Integrated Energy Storage

Date: 18th December 2017

Location: The Shard, London

This seminar and discussion panel will bring people together to explore combinations/integrations of energy storage with generation and consumption. Energy Storage (ES) is seen as one of the key sources to provide flexibility in the electricity system and this area became a hot topic recently. ES is also considered as the main solution for secure power system operation with integrated intermittent ‘green power sources’, like wind and solar. Event organisers are hoping for serious discussions aiming to affect UK government policy, kickstart demonstration projects and and galvanise technology developers.


Energy Systems Study Group with Industry

Date: 8th - 10th January 2018

Location: Brighton

This three day session, run by KTN and the University of Sussex, will be an intense problem solving activity with some of Britain’s best mathematical scientists tackling some of the hardest problems in the energy systems industry. It wants to identify problems across the energy systems area – from storage, network supply, integration and more.


Electricity System Change: Flexibility and Costs

Date: 10th January 2018

Location: Glasgow, University of Strathclyde

The electricity system’s technology has already changed substantially and that change is accelerating. Is the engineering of the system, and the associated commercial and regulatory mechanisms keeping pace to ensure reliable future operation at a manageable cost?

1.    Managing changes to the system’s characteristics: what is the cost of intermittency and are changes needed to the ancillary services that are bought and the way they are procured?
2.    System resilience: what new reliability risks are we facing and how can their impacts be contained and recovered from?
3.    Enabling distributed energy resources (DER): what challenges and opportunities does DER introduce for operation of the whole electricity system? How should institutional arrangements between transmission and distribution change?
4.    A panel discussion: what should be the next steps to enabling a safe, affordable electricity system transition?
5.    Networking and drinks reception from 17.00



The mathematics of the design, management and control of hierarchical energy networks

Date: 16-17 January 2018

Location: Edinburgh

Future energy networks will be characterised by much greater variability and uncertainty: inputs to electricity networks from renewable and solar generation are naturally highly intermittent, while new patterns of demand, e.g. that required for the recharging of electric vehicles, are likely to be variable and are currently not well understood.  Against this, there are significant new technologies available for the management of future systems. These include the management of demand, storage, generation and the networks themselves. 

Future systems will therefore require more dynamic management and control.  Much of this will happen at distribution level, where there will be major issues of design and operation. Furthermore, while networks are likely to remain hierarchical with separate responsibilities for management at transmission and distribution levels, there will be a need for an integrated approach to the operation of entire systems.


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Energy Summit

Date: 24-25th January 2018

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Key Topics:
•Overview of the actual hydrogen
and fuel cells market.
•Latest technologies involved
in the renewable sources.
•Policy and regulations.
•Power-to-gas solutions,
•Decarbonisation of the energy sector.
•Hydrogen storage improvements.
•Security aspects in hydrogen. production,storage & distribution.
•Monetisation advice and partnerships.
•Hydrogen mobility applications.
•Integration and standards.


Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind Conference, Exibition and Dinner

Date: 29th-30th January 2018

Location: Glasgow

2017 has been a landmark year for Scotland’s offshore wind sector. Scottish Renewables are running the 2018 Conference to facilitate discussion, innovation and networking. Beatrice – one of the largest private infrastructure projects ever developed in Scotland - and Statoil’s world-leading Hywind which will soon become a reality off the coast of Peterhead, indicate 2018 will be one of intense activity. Discuss, debate and influence the decisions taken to benefit the sector; hear about the latest UK and Scottish Government policy; meet with others in the sector to network and share ideas.

*Discount rate available for Students & Academics at ETP Universities £45+VAT for the conference only. To claim the discount please email Lisa Russell with your name, institution, postal address and phone number*



Date: 1st & 2nd February 2018

Location: Glasgow

DATA.SPACE 2018 will showcase space-enabled data sources alongside the application of this data to solve commercial and societal challenges. Themed around the platforms space-enabled data uses and enables, DATA.SPACE 2018 provides the Global forum to identify & discuss the solutions this data and these platforms provide.


Energy Storage and Connected Systems (ESCS)

Date: 6th & 7th February 2018

Location: Olympia Central, London

The "Energy Storage and Connected Systems" (ESCS) event focuses on EVs, energy storage and the increasingly clever systems that join them together.

Over 400+ like-minded and high-level decision makers and industry specialists will be available for networking opportunities in:
•    Batteries, battery packs, battery management systems
•    Battery testing, inspection, safety
•    Charging technologies and devices
•    Connected smart systems
•    Electric vehicles
•    Energy storage - manufacturing equipment, materials and components
•    Fuel cells
•    Power to gas (methane, hydrogen, electrolysis, infrastructure)
•    Redox flow cells
•    Other energy storage methods (Capacitors, Flywheels, CAES)


SR Low-carbon Cities Conference 2018

Date: 20th February 2018

Location: Edinburgh

Scottish Renewables’ second Low-Carbon Cities Conference will explore the technologies and innovations which are being used to modernise our cities, examine the lessons which have been learned to date from these initiatives and look at future opportunities for keeping costs and carbon emissions low.


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Gearing Up for Commercialisation

Date: 13th March 2018

Location: Birmingham

The conference will be focusing on the commercialisation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology across all aspects including transport, - public, private and commercial, small and large scale stationary and portable applications, hydrogen production, infrastructure, storage and use in grid balancing.

They will be looking to work closely with Sponsors, Speakers and Exhibitors to attract a wide audience to encourage all those in the energy market and those responsible for associated policy to join those already in the sector to understand how this technology fits into the future energy mix.


Delivering the Clean Growth Plan: Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

Date: 14th March 2018

Location: London

This one-day conference will explore the how the UK can decarbonise across domestic heat, transport, and energy intensive industries in line with the government’s Clean Growth Plan due to be published, Autumn 2017.

It will explore how hydrogen fuel cell and carbon capture storage technology can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions across four key areas – Managing energy demands in line with policy commitments; Domestic heat, Industrial Emissions; and Transport.


Using Scotland's Circular Economy to Turn Innovation Into Growth

Date: 22nd March 2018

Location: Edinburgh

Elements of energy necessarily come into play towards a broader Zero Waste initiative.

This conference will examine the strategic framework for the circular economy and four exemplar areas in which Scottish circular economy developments are building pathways to growth opportunities.
•    Do you have a clear understanding of Scotland's circular economy strategy?
•    Do you know the core areas for its development and growth?
•    Do you know how to support, fund and protect circular economy initiatives?
•    Do you understand the opportunities it provides for both the public and private sectors?