Scottish Government Hydrogen Policy: Opportunities for Academic Researchers Webinar

Date: Wednesday 24th February 2021
Time: 10:00am - 12:15pm (GMT)
Location: Online

The Scottish Government published their Hydrogen Policy Statement and accompanying Hydrogen Assessment in December 2020.  These documents highlight the important role hydrogen will play in Scotland’s decarbonisation plan.  In collaboration with Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government is now preparing to publish their Hydrogen Action Plan.

The Policy Statement identifies priority areas which need to be addressed in order to successfully achieve Scotland’s hydrogen ambitions. Research, Innovation and Demonstration of technologies and systems is identified as a priority area This workshop, hosted by ETP and the Hydrogen Accelerator will facilitate engagement between the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish academic community researching in hydrogen sector.

We aim to ensure dissemination of the Scottish Government’s ambitions around the creation of a hydrogen economy as detailed in its Hydrogen Policy Statement and Hydrogen Action Plan, and the specific research opportunities that emerge to the academic community.

About the Webinar

The event will take the format of presentations by keynote speakers followed by an expert panel Q&A session, to inform the academic research community of the Scottish Government’s plans around hydrogen, and of funding opportunities that will present themselves. This initial webinar will form the foundation for strong collaboration between both stakeholders facilitating discussion around priorities that will lead to a Scotland being a leader in hydrogen technologies and how this can be achieved.

The webinar will cover

•    Presentation of national ambitions in hydrogen by Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise, and areas where the research community can engage with and support these plans.
•    Panel Q&A which will begin to identify how the academic research community can support the above.

Who should attend this event?

The academic research base in Scotland; researchers interested in hydrogen in the energy system.

Confirmed Speakers & Panel
  • Stuart McKay, Head of Hydrogen Policy, Scottish Government
  • Veronica Noone, Head of Energy Strategy, Scottish Enterprise
  • Prof John Irvine, Chair of the Hydrogen Accelerator


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