KEN Energy Fund Workshop

Thursday 10th October 2019, University of Strathclyde

This workshop will outline how funding in the Energy Technology Partnership’s successful Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) Programme can be accessed to support low-carbon energy projects between university researchers and Scottish SMEs..

The KEN Programme can support projects up to £10k in value and is open until Spring 2022.

The workshop will outline the KEN Programme’s application process and also give examples of successful previous applications that have been funded. The objective of the session is to identify potential projects that ETP can fund between University of Strathclyde energy researchers and Scottish SMEs.

ETP’s dedicated team of Business Development Managers (each of whom works in a specific Energy Theme) will be happy to pick up dialogue about your project idea at the workshop.

Please come along so that ETP can link you up to potential partners to make your project a reality!

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