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University of Strathclyde - Seeking companies to work with MSc students

The Sustainable Engineering postgraduate programme within the Engineering Faculty at the University of Strathclyde combines study in specialist, advanced engineering technologies underpinned with training in sustainability. There is now opportunities for companies in the renewable energy sector to work with the university on two of the MSc courses within the programme. The “MSc -Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment” and "MSc - Offshore Renewable Energy" have students who can undertake either industry-relevant group projects or individual projects.

Not only can companies who get involved benefit a great deal in working with the students and the university through the technical/economic/environmental analysis of energy projects, but they have the opportunity to assess individual student capabilities with a view to potential employment. Students gain valuable experience working on an industry-relevant project as well as networking opportunities.


If you think your company would benefit from being involved please contact Paul Strachan - to discuss further.


Examples of previous projects can be found at:
Group projects:
Individual projects:

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