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New Deputy Chair for ETP

ETP is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Paul Mitchell as the new Deputy Chair of the ETP Directorate.

Paul was instrumental in the creation of ETP 10 years ago and, as a member of the ETP Directorate, has nurtured ETP to become a model for research pools worldwide. Congratulations to Paul.

Paul has over thirty years’ experience in conducting research, development and demonstration in renewable energies. His breadth of expertise covers technical, economic, environmental aspects, implementation and systems integration.

Based at the University of Aberdeen, he is currently a member of the Energy Technology Partnership's Directorate Board and for over 5 years he was ETP's Bio-energy Theme Coordinator. He is also Director of the Offshore Renewables Institute and the Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC) and on the Board of the trade body Scottish Renewables.

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