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Energy Storage & Innovation: Delivering a Clean Transition in Scotland

Date: Friday 7th June 2019
Location: University of St Andrews

This annual one-day joint Energy Storage event will be hosted at the University of St Andrews on 7th June 2019 by ETP and SHFCA.  This year the meeting will be supported by Scotland’s Centre for Innovation and Energy Storage (CIES) .

The recent Scottish Government Energy Strategy ‘The Future of Energy in Scotland’ has identified the importance of using a whole energy system approach to support delivery of ambitious targets for energy efficiency, increased renewable energy uptake, and carbon reduction.

The programme presents progress being made both by academia and industry to support these key policy ambitions, with topics ranging from hydrogen storage at large scale to innovative conversions using hydrogen as decarbonised energy and as a feedstock.

This meeting will feature leading speakers who will stimulate discussion and debate.

To register please follow this link.


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