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Farm in Arbroath running on renewable energy thanks to ETP funding

The Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) went to its first farm visit to Cononsyth Farm in Arbroath in May, the Dowell Family, hosted ETP to provide the opportunity to see the renewables that are generating energy on their farm; and how these have been integrated into the everyday running of the farm. Renewables have made a transformational difference to the working conditions of the farm with advantages such as prolonged life of harvested crop.  ETP were delighted to have a bright sunny day and the opportunity to see the outcome and prospects of an ETP funded project.

The University of Dundee then hosted a stakeholder discussion at the Botanic Gardens and provided a tour and overview of the University’s Ecohouse.  Presentations were given by Enercon on the economic opportunities for wind in Scotland, Marzia Alam from Heriot Watt on the advantages of using bifacial solar and from Rory Dowell on the ETP-funded project between Cononsyth Farm and Edinburgh Napier University.

ETP acknowledge support from University of Dundee and Cononsyth Farm for this event.




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