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ETP awards £10k funding to QED Naval to develop innovative tidal technology in the Sound of Islay

 QED Naval, the University of Edinburgh and Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS) are being supported by the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) to complete a resource assessment and performance modelling of a tidal turbine in the Sound of Islay.

The work involves a state-of-the-art 3D Large Eddy Simulation model of the Sound of Islay by Edinburgh. Velocity and turbulence parameters from this model are applied to local CFD model of the Subhub platform and the tidal turbines to provide the performance of the system at certain states of the tide.  Unsteady effects will also be assessed and differential loading through the rotor cycle.

Edinburgh and SAMS will extract the tidal harmonics data from the tidal model, and this is used along with the performance data in QED’s TWEET design tool to calculate the energy yield and capacity factors for the site.

The Energy Technology Partnership has secured funding from the European Commission’s European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) as a contribution towards the support provided to eligible projects, for more information about the KEN Engagement Fund please visit this webpage.

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