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Leading ETP academic for thermal energy promoted to Professorship at the University of Glasgow

The Energy Technology Partnership congratulates the promotion of our Heat Energy Theme Co-ordinator, Zhibin Yu, from Senior Lecturer to Professor of Thermal Energy at the University of Glasgow.

ETP Theme Co-ordinators are leading academics in their field, during his time in this position Professor Yu has promoted knowledge exchange across ETP’s 13 member universities to develop and maximise the impact of this form of energy in academia. He has also overseen academics from ETP’s member universities working together to tackle challenges facing the sector through greater interaction and collaboration.

Professor Yu’s research mainly focuses on thermal energy technologies and their fundamental thermodynamic, heat transfer, fluid-dynamic problems. He is also supervising a PhD Student, Si Chen, at the University of Glasgow who is funded by ETP’s Energy Industry Doctorate Programme. Chen’s research which is looking at integrated urban energy systems for heating and power is sponsored by an industrial partner, Scottish Power Energy Networks.

The academic is also liaising with the Institute of Refrigeration to bring the Rankine 2020 – Advances in Cooling, Heating and Power Generation to Glasgow in Summer 2020 which celebrates 200 years since the birth of Scottish engineer, William Rankine.

Professor Yu said: “The Rankine2020 conference is unique as it brings together the wide communities working on heating, cooling, and power generation. I very much look forward to meeting you at this exciting event next summer.”

The call for abstracts for Rankine 2020 taking place from 26-29 July 2020 in Glasgow is now open until 1 October 2019, submit your abstract and register for the conference here:

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