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Interdisciplinary Research for Energy Systems Integration: Identifying the Needs of Users

Date: 28 January 2020
Location: Glasgow

Co-hosted by the Energy Technology Partnership, CESI, Energy Systems Catapult and the Centre for Energy Policy this workshop is aimed at developing best practice guidelines for effective and coherent energy systems integration research in the UK.

Background to the event

This EPSRC National Centre for Energy System Integration (CESI) funded project seeks to synthesise lessons from across the UK’s energy community to develop best practice guidelines for effective and coherent energy systems integration research. This workshop constitutes the project’s 3rd and final workshop on interdisciplinary applied research for energy systems integration in the UK. It will examine which energy systems integration topics should be prioritised and how research could help to inform decision-making; primarily from a research user’s perspective (e.g. industry, government, non-departmental public bodies, NGOs).


There is a growing body of knowledge on energy systems transition, but this is scattered among several different centres and networks – creating a complex and fast-moving research landscape with missed opportunities for collaborative learning. The outcomes of this workshop and the wider CESI project will be shared with key public funders of research (e.g. UKRI, EPSRC and InnovateUK) with the aim of informing what types of energy systems integration research project are funded in the future.

Aim of the Workshop

The workshop will provide a structured discussion between researchers, businesses, other research users and stakeholders, aimed at developing good practice guidelines for effective and coherent energy systems integration research in the UK. The workshop will be held at the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) at the University of Strathclyde and will be co-hosted by the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) and the Energy Systems Catapult.

By drawing together actors responsible for utilising, undertaking and coordinating energy systems integration research, this joint workshop will explore questions such as:

  •     What are the key priorities for inter-disciplinary energy systems research from a user’s perspective?
  •     What types of evidence do users require to tackle these challenges and why?
  •     How should these research projects be structured to deliver timely, high-quality outputs for users?

Speakers include

  •     Professor Phil Taylor, Director of the EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI)
  •     Professor Karen Turner, Director Of The Centre For Energy Policy
  •     Eric Brown, Innovation Director, Energy Systems Catapult
  •     Dr Mark Winskel, CESI and Policy Director, ClimateXChange
  •     Simon Gill, Energy Engineer, Office of the Chief Economic Advisor, Scottish Government

Event programme


Coffee and Registration


Welcome and Aims of the Day

Professor Karen Turner, University of Strathclyde


Doing Energy Systems Integration Research: Findings from the CESI Flex Fund Project

Dr Mark Winskel, University of Edinburgh


User Priorities for Interdisciplinary Energy Systems Integration Research Cross-sector Perspectives (Chair: Professor Karen Turner)

Panel Discussion and Q&A with attendees

  • Energy Systems Catapult, Eric Brown, Chief Technical Officer
  • Scottish Government, Simon Gill, Head of Whole System and Technical Policy Directorate of Energy and Climate Change
  • Zero Waste Scotland, Paul Gilbert, Project Manager, Low Carbon Heat and Renewables

Workshop session 1: Identifying Priorities and Exploring Research Gaps

Facilitated by Laura Brown, Centre Manager, EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Workshop Group Discussions with working lunch provided

1pm Group Discussion Summaries & Reporting

Designing Interdisciplinary Energy Systems Research Integration:

Intermediaries' Perspectives (Chair: Dr Matthew Hannon)

Panel Discussion and Q&A with other attendees

  • Energy Technology Partnership Perspective - Professor Karen Turner ETP Energy, Policy, People & Society Theme Coordinator
  • CESI Perspective - Professor Phil Taylor, Centre Director
  • UKRI/EPSRC Perspective - Derek Craig, Head of Regional Engagement (Scotland), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 
  • Scottish Enterprise Perspective - Jan Reid, Senior Manager (Low Carbon)
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult Perspective - David Wallace, Senior Strategy Manager

Workshop Session 2: Review, Reflect and Recommendations

Facilitated by Dr Matthew Hannon, Senior Lecturer, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

Workshop Group Discussions

3pm Group Discussion Summaries & Reporting
3:20pm Summary and Next Steps, chaired by Professor Phil Taylor, CESI Centre Director
3:30pm Close



For more details and to register, please visit here.


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