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Glasgow start-up gets boost from ETP to develop tech and expand

Katrick Technologies, an environmentally friendly tech start-up, has developed an innovative new low carbon technology achieved through funding and support from ETP, the Scottish research pool for energy.

Support from ETP’s Knowledge Exchange Network enabled Katrick Technologies to design and develop their Uni-Directional String Mirror (UDSM). The USDM is an integral component in heat, wind and wave technologies that enables the harvesting of a wide range of vibrations to be captured and converted into electricity from renewable sources. This allows the amount of energy, harvested from various sources, to be maximised to increase efficiency while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.

The kick-start funding and business development support provided by ETP allowed the company to patent their newly developed UDSM technology. Katrick Technologies have now developed fully functioning prototypes for their waste heat engine and wind energy harvesting device. The technology is ready for deployment later this year at four test sites, aiming to be on display at COP26 in November 2021 in Glasgow. 

The Glasgow based company have big plans for the future, their USDM design have developed a novel passive cooling system which will revolutionise the energy consumption of refrigeration and cooling units to cut energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions without any need for additional power. The company are continuing to build their team with more employment opportunities in addition to investment in PhD and design, manufacturing, and engineering management programmes with local universities in Glasgow.

Karthik Velayutham, CEO of Katrick Technologies said:

“The support from ETP has been instrumental to the development of our company and the core technologies we are based on. Without the funding and help provided by ETP, Katrick Technologies would not have been able to expand and develop to the point it is at today.”


The Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) offers SMEs based in Scotland a comprehensive package of funding and business development support to develop low carbon technology and is open for applications now. Find out more

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