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Meet ETP's Business Development Manager for Heat Energy

Anne-Mari Gillespie is a new addition to the ETP Team working in a joint role with Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC), learn more about her role and opportunities for SMEs to collaborate with ETP and CSIC. 

Q: Welcome to ETP Anne-Mari! Could you tell us a little bit about what attracted you to working at the Scottish research pool for energy?
A: Thank you! To be able work with both research academics and innovative Scottish SMEs makes ETP an exciting place to be. Bringing together the right people can make a great impact in making sure that more innovation projects are successful and that new innovative ideas are transformed from concepts to reality.    

Q: What is your professional background and how will your skills and experience help Scottish SMEs innovate?
A: My background is in Finance, and I worked many years for a large energy company in the energy sector supporting their financial processes. I have extensive experience in process improvements and looking at how to do things better and more efficiently. 

In 2017, I came to a crossroads with my career, and I decided that I wanted be part of the journey towards decarbonisation of the energy sector. In June 2020 I graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Renewable and Environmental Technology. I am now ready to use my skills gained from previous roles and from my newly acquired degree to help Scottish SMEs to develop low carbon technology through the Knowledge Exchange Network. 

Q: What are you looking forward to the most with working at ETP?
A: I am really looking forward working with SMEs from all over Scotland who are working on heat energy projects. I also have a joint role at CSIC as an Innovation Manager and this role links perfectly with my role at ETP considering that most of the heat demand in Scotland is coming from heating of buildings – this creates an ideal opportunity to collaborate with other organisations.

Q: What are the current trends for heat energy and how does this relate to Scotland?
A: Heat accounts of approximately 50% of both primary energy use and CO2 emissions in Scotland. Decarbonisation of heat energy is therefore vital if we are to meet the net zero emission targets set by the Scottish Government. As part of this plan is the acceleration of the deployment of zero emissions heating systems such as heat pumps and heat networks. It is also crucial that new innovative technologies will enter the market at a swift rate. This requires cooperation of industry and academia, which is where ETP can play an important role. 

Q: What kind of enquiries are you hoping to see from Scottish SMEs and how can they improve their chances of success with getting support from ETP?
A: I am hoping to hear from Scottish SMEs who are looking to launch new technologies to the market and are looking for early-stage product evaluation. Also, non-Scottish SMEs who are looking to establish a base in Scotland are welcome to get in touch. I will then be able support you with getting in contact with the appropriate Academics from the ETP partner Universities. I can also assist with the application process in order to optimise success rate.

Q: How can people get in touch with you?
A: You can get in touch with me via ETP Heat Theme email address:

Q: Do you have any closing words you would like to share?
A: I would just really like to encourage any SMEs to get in touch, even if you’re not quite sure if ETP can be of help. We can have a discussion to see if we can help or what other alternative support is available.  

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