Progressing Bioenergy in Scotland - 8th March 2019

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9:30am – 17:00pm Friday 8th March 2019

University of Glasgow

Following on from the Scottish Government 2018 Energy Strategy and the ambition to develop a bioenergy action plan for Scotland that will provide the next steps required to achieve our ambitious 2050 vision for energy in Scotland.

‘A flourishing, competitive local and national energy sector, delivering secure, affordable, clean energy for Scotland’s households communities and businesses.’

Development of the Bioenergy Action Plan will be guided by the following principles:

  • Policies to support bioenergy that are consistent with the ambitions laid out in the Energy and Land Use Strategy.
  • Bioenergy schemes should deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions.
  • Bioenergy schemes should represent good value for money and deliver benefits for communities and help tackle fuel poverty.
  • Biomass should be produced and managed sustainably and should be only used in heat-only or combined heat and power schemes to support heat and local supply needs.
  • A plan that will ensure demands on land for food, energy crops and other non-food crops are managed equitably.

Why Attend?

This conference brings together a range of academic expertise, policy makers and industry leaders from across the bioenergy sector to discuss driving forward new technologies and processes that will enable us to meet our 2050 targets.  Our panel experts and delegates will look at the problems that industry has at present, seeking to identify solutions and routes in which they can be implemented.

The day will be divided in to 4 sessions, each followed by a panel session where delegates can ask questions of the experts, express their ideas and give feedback.

•         Government perspective
•         Feedstock / Supply Chain
•         Technology
•         System Deployment

Confirmed Speakers include...
  • Dr Ian Watson - University of Glasgow
  • Craig Frew - Scottish Government
  • Martin Kingsley - Argent Energy
  • Iain Donnison - Aberystwyth University
  • Siming You - University of Glasgow

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