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ETP's current focus is across nine main energy themes although we are involved in a broad spectrum of energy related activities. 
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  • Wind Energy

  • Marine Energy

  • Grid, Power Systems & Networks

  • Solar Energy

  • Bio-Energy

  • Carbon Capture & Storage

  • Energy Conversion & Storage

  • Energy Utilisation in Buildings

  • Oil & Gas


Our Annual Report 2013-14

ETP Annual Report 2012/13

Our Annual report details our main activities for 2013-14 and gives an update on our progress. There are also interesting case studies about our work with industry.  eViewer or PDF version


ETP Executive Director

Stephen-Mark Williams arrived at ETP as Business Development Manager for Wind and Marine Energy, and then became Project Manager. He has worked in a number of locations around the world, being involved in high-technology innovation companies in France, Germany, and the US. As Sales & Marketing Director for a Scottish SME, Stephen-Mark experienced the complete funding landscape, applying for and winning PDF, SMART, SPUR, RDF and Framework contracts. More recently, he has been involved in commercial negotiating and training. Now, as ETP’s Executive Director, Stephen-Mark aims to enthuse and galvanise all ETP energy researchers in developing collaborative activity that will attract increased European and global interest, and augment the R&D capacity of the Scottish energy industry. You can contact Stephen-Mark at

About ETP

The Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) is an alliance of twelve independent Scottish Universities, engaged in world class energy related Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D).

ETP is the largest power and energy research partnership in Europe and promotes greater levels of collaboration between universities and industry to deliver unparalleled energy capability and core research strengths across a broad range of energy technologies but with a current focus on Wind Energy, Marine Energy, Grid, Power Systems & Networks, Solar Energy, Bio-Energy, Carbon Capture and Storage, Energy Conversion and Storage, Energy Utilisation in Buildings and Oil & Gas.

Coupled with research pooling, this provides an integrated energy technologies community that is providing strong leadership in the UK/EU/global energy arenas. The cohesion displayed by the Energy Technology Partnership is exemplary and provides a strong basis for collaboration with a wide variety of business, public sector and other partners. This has enabled ETP to build on its foundation of research excellence and increase its impact in the areas of Knowledge Exchange and Skills.

ETP’s network of Business Development Managers can share the emergent best practice between academia and industry and help Scottish SMEs identify the best possible support available.

We are recruiting!

We are currently recruiting for a Project Manager. To find out more about this position click here.

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