Heat accounts for over 55% of primary energy use in Scotland and approximately 47% of CO2 emissions, broadly consistent with the picture for heating (and cooling) across the UK and the rest of Europe. The Scottish Government's 2015 Heat Policy Statement states that the challenge facing Scotland is to

...largely decarbonise its heat system by 2050, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Affordable heat is also a key priority if fuel poverty is to be eradicated. Together with energy efficiency and waste reduction measures to reduce the need for heat, there is a need for the development and implementation of low carbon heat technologies. When Scottish Enterprise commissioned an analysis of the Scottish company base and market opportunities for low carbon heat, one of the key challenges identified by the study was a lack of R&D strength. There was a recognition of the need for sector and/or technology specific networks linking Scottish companies, research establishments and academic institutions, particularly regarding early stage support in the development of new products and services.

ETP Expertise in Heat Energy

The ETP heat theme has grown since its formation, hosting a wide range of specialist heat expertise. Our first workshop and skills mapping identified the following priority areas in which ETP Heat Theme can engage and have impact:

  • Heating and cooling production technology
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Thermal supply and demand mapping
  • Physical infrastructure and systems
  • Policy options
  • Energy Consumers

In particular, the heat theme is building expertise capacity around heat storage technologies, and will be hosting a series of workshop to encourage cross-academic and industry knowledge exchange. These events will raise awareness of the importance of thermal storage; both for balancing seasonal loads and for optimum DH operation.

Scottish Universities have significant capacity in heating and cooling, producing research excellence in heating and cooling technologies. ETP heat theme members have been successful in winning significant funding from UK research councils. The ETP theme will facilitate consortium building to ensure Scottish universities and companies are best placed to apply for large consortium grants.

The heat theme BDM is there to ensure that Scottish-based SMEs can access the significant academic expertise in the heating and cooling sector. There are significant funding opportunities out there, for which ETP funded projects can act as seed funding, or as a bridge between low technology readiness level (TRL) RCUK grants to higher TRL InnovateUK or LCITP demonstrators.

Innovation funding

We offer businesses based in Scotland access to resources including project funding to work with Scottish universities on research and innovation projects.

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