Frequently Asked Questions

What can the HNEIP provide?

The Hydro Nation Energy Innovation Programme offers Scottish companies access to resources including project funding to work with Scottish universities on innovation projects to develop technologies that reduce carbon emissions in the water supply industry.

Who is eligible for support?

We welcome applications from Scottish companies of any size, or non-Scottish companies who have or want to establish a base in Scotland.

What are the project requirements?

The project must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The project idea must represent an advance in technological innovation that decreases carbon emissions in the water supply industry.
  • The project idea must relate to a product and/or process that can be successfully commercialised.
  • The project requires research & innovation (R&I) that is delivered in collaboration with an academic partner from a Scottish university.

What technologies are eligible for funding?

We are looking for innovation in areas that address the reduction of carbon emissions in the water supply and treatment sector, such as:

  • Contaminated water and wastewater treatment (including filtration, UV treatment etc.)
  • Energy generation using water (including anaerobic digestion, energy scavenging, water source heat pumps, run-of-river, and hydro-electric).
  • Resource management, reuse and recycling (including sludges).
  • Distribution (including water pipelines, trains, tanks and plumbing).
  • Mechanical equipment for industrial processing (including pumps, valves, filters, energy efficient equipment etc.)
  • Water efficiency products and processes
  • Smart management of water, sensors, instrumentation, data analytics and related services
  • Pipe, drain and sewer cleaning

What contribution are businesses required to make?

Businesses must contribute a minimum of 30% of the total project costs. This can be an “in-kind” or cash contribution.

How much funding is available?

Funding up to £10,000 is available to support collaborative R&I projects with a Scottish university. Funding is awarded to proposals that clearly outline an innovative technical solution that can be successfully commercialised and helps to reduce emissions in the water supply industry.

Can I access additional support, even if I do not receive grant funding?

Yes, we are able to offer a range of support services to businesses. This includes signposting to alternative funding sources, introductions and connections to business partners, support with writing grant applications, and general guidance. 

What Next? A step by step guide

  • Check your eligibility: You need to be a business (of any size) with a base in Scotland.

  • Expression of Interest: Fill out the following form to register your interest and start the process.

    Register your interest now
  • Introduction and meeting: Our Business Development Manager will contact you to discuss your expression of interest and confirm whether it is eligible for funding from us, and what other support we can provide.

  • Identifying an academic research partner: If your expression of interest is eligible for funding, our Business Development Manager will support you in identifying a suitable academic research partner from one of the 14 Scottish universities who are members of ETP’s research alliance.

  • Application development and submission: Our Business Development Manager will support you and your research partner to complete and submit the funding application form. 

  • Application assessmentYour application will be assessed by us and the Scottish Government, who fund the HydroNation Water Innovation Network. If approved, you’ll be awarded the requested funding amount and can start work with your academic partner institution

Register your interest

If you would like to express an interest in receiving grant funding and business development support from this programme, please contact us and a Business Development Manager will get back to you.

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