Knowledge Exchange and ETP

Providing knowledge exchange and business development support to SMEs

ETP provides knowledge exchange and business development support to SMEs. ETP increases SME capability in low carbon technical innovation and makes it easier for SMEs and universities to connect through the Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN).

Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) - Q and A

What can the Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) provide?

The KEN offers Scottish SMEs access to resources including project funding to work with Scottish universities on innovation projects to develop low carbon technology.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from Scottish SMEs or non-Scottish SMEs who have or want to establish a base in Scotland.

What funding is available?

You can receive funding worth up to £10,0000.

Do I get additional support?

Yes, we will provide a consultancy service from our team of Business Development Managers.

What energy topics does KEN cover?

ETP and KEN concentrates on 8 thematic areas.

Take a look at our individual theme pages for more information:

Energy Conversion & StorageEnergy Distribution & Infrastructure Energy Efficiency in Buildings; Energy Systems; Heat Energy; Hydrogen; Marine Energy; and Wind Energy.

What Next?: KEN - A step by step guide

  • Check your eligibility: You need to be a Scottish SME or SME with a base in Scotland.

  • Your theme and project: We ask for your chosen theme and some initial background on your enquiry to be directed to the appropriate person in ETP. Browse the site theme pages for more information.

  • Expression of Interest: Fill out the following form to register your interest and start the process.

    Register your interest now
  • ETP introduction and meeting: One of our Business Development Managers will be in contact to help you with your journey to becoming a member of the Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN). We will then begin the process of accepting and refining your proposals and give whatever support necessary to take you to the next step.

  • SUCCESS: After your application has been processed successfully, you are now a part of the KEN with access to all the resources that this includes. You will be awarded a funding amount and can start work with your allocated partner institution.

ETP Member Universities

ETP is a research alliance comprised of 14 Scottish HEIs, each with areas of outstanding research capability in the energy sector.

Support Organisations

The KEN is gratefully made possible by:

Further Support

If you need help or more information about the KEN, please get in touch.

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